MAMP incorrect parameter error

Are you getting Incorrect format parameter when trying to upload a MySQL database in MAMP? This took me a while to figure out, but once I did, I thought I would write a quick post to help anyone who is having the same problem. So, if you are trying to upload a MYSQL database into MAMP and you receive this strange error, the solution is really simple. You’ll just have to update your PHP.ini file and increases upload size in two places to 64MB.


MAMP incorrect parameter error

MAMP displays incorrect format parameter error.



  1. To resolve this error you will have to open your PHP.ini file and update the upload max file limit. You can find your PHP.ini file by first figuring out what PHP version you are using. So, open up MAMP and click on PHP tab and find what PHP version MAMP is looking at. You will want to update the php.ini file for that version.

2. Now where is that PHP.ini file??! This took me hours to figure out. So, hopefully you will be spared the pain. Open Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.2.8/conf/php.ini

3. Now, open the php.ini file using a text editor (Sublime, Text Editor, etc).

4. Do CTRL + F to find “post_max_size” and update the max size to 64M

5. Do CTRL + F to find “upload_max_filesize ” and update the max size to 64M

6. Save the file

7. Stop and Restart Servers in MAMP. Your problem should be resolved