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If you are trying to login to Instagram via a computer / web and you are sure you have the correct username and password but you are still getting a login error  this solution worked for me and it may work for you too.

Ok, so I could log into my Instagram account via my phone, no problem, so my username and password was correct.  But on the web different story.


So this is is what I did to fix this issue for several of my accounts.

  1. Login to your Instagram account via your mobile
  2. Go to Settings / Account / Personal Information
  3. Enter an email address (in my case mine was blank)
  4. Now go back to Instagram on the web and select “Forgot Password”

5. Enter your Instagram Username and click Send Login Link

6. You should receive an email

Why does this happen?

My guess is that if you have a lot of Instagram accounts and you use the same phone number to authenticate, but do not add a unique email, Instagram gets confused. With no email address, Instagram sends the reset password link to your phone and log’s you in to your phone. But, if you add an email, you can authenticate via your computer / web. Again this is my guess, but seems to work.