Becoming the popular kid online is way cooler than having been popular in High School! It comes with way better perks than just dating the beautiful cheerleader or handsome jock.  Online popularity means your business is growing and more important sales are growing.

Sure, the physical world can feel a little unfair when we see bigger, stronger, prettier people being rewarded, even if they don’t offer the same value as we do. But online….it’s a different set of rules. Everyone has the same opportunity to be known and maybe even liked. The question is, what are you willing to GIVE to get there?

Online value is determined by your willingness to help people without expecting anything in return.  If you want to become popular, you have to become that popular kid in school who said “Hi” to everyone, even the uncool kids. It’s the same thing online. Sure, you may know a lot about your industry.  You may even be the best at what you do. Basically, you’re cool among your peeps.  Big deal! Are they going to buy from you?

If you have a business, your first job is to find a way to attract customers. One of the best ways is to educate them and provide them information that will HELP THEM. For example, how many times do you go onto a website and read about a product’s Value Points or Propositions. You read things like “Best in the Business”,  “Reduces X by 20%”, “Makes you faster”, “Skinner”, “Bigger”, etc. A better approach might be to show them how to use your product, include examples, and maybe share stories of how other customers have benefited from using your product.

The primary currency online is CONTENT. This means delivering information that people really care about.  Again, no one cares to hear about how great you are? But, they may be interested in hearing about your journey and tips about getting to GREAT. See the difference?

Going back to my High School analogy. Look, remember that kid who always seemed to do really well in class. One day, you asked…”hey what’s your secret?” Surprisingly, he told you his secret, and as a result you became a better student. Then one day, that kid ran for Student Body President. And guess what? You were happy to vote for him. If you want to attract more people to your site, help them out. Share some of your secretes with them. Share something that will save them time, headaches, or money.

The web isn’t necessarily a popularity contest but people do vote. And, at the end they vote for the people who helped them out.  So, for your next  post, video, infographic, or audio think about how you can help someone.  What ever you do, focus on providing value. And when it comes time to vote, they will HAPPILY vote for you.