When I first saw someone do this, I thought…this is genius! So, check it, I opened up an email and in the body of an email, the sender had a link that said “Click Here To Share This Email With Your Team”. I scratched my head a little, and thought…hmmm what is this? And so I clicked it…which online, sometimes clicking on stuff you don’t understand can be dangerous, but luckily it was a source I trusted, so I did. And guess what? A new email window popped up and it had an entire email already written out for me. All I had to do is add the names of who I wanted to send it to. What a great idea!!

Emil Links As CTAs? What??

Ok, so I get a little excited about this stuff because, I can see how this will really help boost future email campaigns. How so? Well, think about it…let’s say you send an email to one hundred people. Your traditional email campaign has a Call To Action (CTA) button. You know “Click Here To View Article” or “Register Today” and so on. Those are called CTA buttons.  Most likely the CTA button is going to open a new tab on your browser and take you somewhere. Great…pretty basic right. Now imagine you have a simple way to have your recipient (person receiving the email) also forward your message to some of your friends. Get it? This is where this cool little email link comes in.

The email link is actually a pre-formatted email that has subject and the body already written out. Once you click on the link, it opens up a new email windows, subject is there and the body is there. How easy is that!! And that my friends is what I call genius. I think we’re going to start seeing a lot of these links in the future. This is not new technology, this is actually pretty old. It’s just a different way of using it. As programmers we code this stuff almost every day. It never occurred to me to setup a pre-format email in a link. I know I’m geeking out, but this is pretty cool!

Sample Code


<a href=”mailto:?&amp;cc=someemail@somedomain.com&amp;subject=Cool%20New+Way+To+Send+Email&amp;body=Hey%20Guys!” target=”_blank”>Feel free to share this note with friends!</a>

Will look like this:

Feel free to share this note with friends! (this is not a link)

Final Remarks

From a business perspective, this is a great way to boost your email reach. Your probably saying…yeah but Edgar…can’t they just forward my email? Sure, they can. But let’s explore that too. How many times have you asked them to forward your email to friends? If you’ve worked with recruiters, they are famous for this using phrases like “If you know anyone who would be interested in this opportunity, please forward”. To some people that’s a lot of work. With this method you click on the link and an entire email is already created. Just send. Too easy.

Ok, so that’s my article for today and I’m so glad I was able to share this with you. If you have any questions or would like me to help you create one of these great links, please feel free to contact me at erodriguez@sitenetic.com.